Win XP Fax Printer won't show status. Console not showing either.


Jo Dude


A friend of mine is experiencing the following problem: While he is able to
send out faxes using Windows XP's own "fax printer", the actual box that
usually comes up showing the status of the fax being sent does not come up.
Neither does the main fax console come up to show him that the fax was sent
successfully. His faxes are being sent, as this was clearly proved, however
it does not show the status as the fax is being sent, and also does not
bring up the fax console to show that the fax was sent successfully. In the
properties of the fax printer, all the check boxes have been selected i.e.
the one's indicated acknowledgment of sent and received faxes.

What could be the problem, and is there a way to get the fax box to come up
during fax transmission, and to also bring up the main fax console one's the
fax has been sent.



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