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For the first time, researchers at the University of California in San Diego have been able to 3D print an organ with blood vessels attached.

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Apple's latest models of smartphones will now be available in red, the company has revealed. The move reflects the company's ongoing partnership with Aids charity, Red:

Apple also launched a new iPad, but with little fanfare or ceremony. This quiet unveiling likely reflects the tablet's declining sales - a pattern experienced by most tablet manufacturers, not just Apple.

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Now that AMD's long anticipated high-end Ryzen 7 CPU has been out for a few weeks, the company has announced their mid-range line up. Bit Tech has more:


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Since AMD's Ryzen CPU launched recently, it has received rave reviews far and wide. However some users have encountered some issues with the frame-rate in games, and last night AMD published a blog post addressing this:

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Anticipating energy demand can be a tricky business, but Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence (AI) could help. The company is currently in talks with the National Grid to see if they can make the UK energy supply more efficient by predicting energy demand and supply. Business Insider has more:

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