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Thoughts? As I understand it the price includes line rental, so not as bad as it first appears, as long as you can get a decent increase with it.
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PCMag have an article covering the "stand out" new products at CES 2018 - a good indicator of tech/gadgets that we're likely to see in the coming year:

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Microsoft have temporarily stopped the rollout of security patches for "meltdown" and "spectre" (previously covered here) for AMD based systems, as it appears that some users are unable to boot after the patches are applied:

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HotHardware take a look at the latest 2018 model of the Dell XPS 13, a high-end ultraportable laptop:


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Some possibly very bad news for Intel.



Initial benchmarks:

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Anandtech take a look at the Intel Optane SSD 900p 480GB SSD, one of the fastest storage devices available to buy at the moment... as long as you're willing to pay a premium:


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VR Focus take a look at Fallout 4 VR, one of the most anticipated gaming titles of the year. From the sounds of things, it was worth the wait:

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