Ofcom has issued new measures to encourage the availability of fibre broadband to consumers in the UK, by ruling that BT must share telegraph poles with their competitors. BBC News have been taking a look at the new measures and how BT and their rivals have reacted to this ruling:

Overall this seems like great news for consumers. Read more here.
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Images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smart phone have been inadvertantly leaked... by Samsung. The company is due to make the big reveal of the newest handset on Sunday at the Mobile World Congress.


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Samsung have created a new solid state drive with the largest capacity in the world - a staggering 30TB. The price hasn't been revealed, but as a 4TB SSD can cost around $1,900 it will not be cheap.


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Back in November 2017, Google reported a security flaw to Microsoft regarding their browser, Edge. Google gave Microsoft 90 days to patch the flaw before going public, followed by an additional 14 days grace period due to the fact that the problem was more difficult to patch than initially anticipated. The Verge has more:

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Intel's latest update to their graphics driver will benefit gamers who don't have a dedicated graphics card (eg laptop gamers) by automatically configuring game settings. PC Mag has more:

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Read more at Digital Trends.
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Last year, Google announced that they were planning to block low-quality online adverts through their browser, Chrome, and true to their word this change comes into force tomorrow. Gizmodo has more:

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Adverts are the main way that websites can cover their costs - the alternative is paid-for subscriptions which are always unpopular. However, it's common to see spammy or misleading adverts on websites, which create an unpleasant browsing experience for users. What do you think about Chrome blocking adverts? Let us know your thoughts!
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG game, but not as you know it. Warhorse Studios have based the game on actual historical events and the geography is based on actual places. You start life as the son of a blacksmith and work your way up from there. PC World has been taking a look:

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