Ubisoft have released the official announcement trailer for Far Cry 5, and have confirmed that the games will launch on 27 February 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One , and PC.

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Drone manufacturer DJI has announced a new product in their line-up - the 'Spark' drone, which has a palm-sized body and will retail from $499. Tech Crunch reports:


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In news that is unlikely to surprise anyone, the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 has been postponed until Spring 2018. However, by way of apology, Rockstar has released some screenshots - and they are beautiful.


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According to the latest findings from two security firms, the majority of victims of the WannaCry attack were Windows 7 users. BBC News reports:

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The WannaCry virus has infected an estimated 300,000 computers across the globe since 12th May, and affected users have their data held to ransom. Thankfully it seems that a French team have now found a way to unlock affected computers, just in the nick of time.

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AMD has announced a new addition to it's consumer CPU line-up - a 16-core, 32 thread Ryzen beast that goes by the name of ‘Threadripper’. This is extreme high-end stuff, and will debut on a new motherboard platform. Even if you're not a high-end user, this is still important news - the current CPU war between AMD and Intel will likely result in better tech at a cheaper price for everyone.

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Microsoft has put 280 backwards compatible Xbox One/Xbox 360 games on sale today - Games Radar has more:

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According to a leak today, Intel may be preparing to launch a new line of high-end processors in June based on the Kaby Lake X and Skylake X architectures. Apple Insider has more:

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