Toby McCartney, an engineer based in Scotland, has developed a new type of road surface using recycled plastic. It is 60 per cent stronger than regular asphalt, lasts 10 times as long, is cheaper, and is better for the environment.


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A number of game-guide Android apps have been found to target users with 'FalseGuide' malware, according to recently published findings from Checkpoint. Some of the apps have been available on Google's Play Store from November 2016, meaning that they have passed undetected for around 5 months.

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Unbeknownst to its users, Uber has been tracking them even after they deleted the app from their iPhones. Since this breaks the rules for apps available on Apple's App Store, Tim Cook had stern words with the company and told them in no uncertain terms that if the practice did not end then Uber would be kicked off the store.

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If any company needs a successful product release right now it's Samsung, after the disaster that was the Note 7. Thankfully the reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone seem to be overwhelmingly positive, with some reviewers describing the handset as the best phone that money can buy right now. That being said, at nearly £700 all this good stuff comes with a hefty price tag.

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A man is filing an injunction against Bose to prevent the company from listening in on users of their headphones and selling the data to third parties. The lawsuit alleges that the company is using their app to track what customers use their headphones to listen to. Reuters has more:

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MacRumours have published details of a design leak of the upcoming iPhone 8. The renderings and diagrams show a device with an edge-to-edge screen, no home button, and a minimal bezel around the edge.


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The Ryzen 5 CPU was released yesterday, and The Inquirer has been taking a look at how the chip has been received by reviewers:


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It has been revealed that scammers have been using a security flaw in Microsoft Word to send malware to users via email, which can then be used to target online banking login details. According to a spokesperson from Microsoft, this vulnerability will be patched today. BBC News has more:

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