The topic of password managers came up on the forum today, as a recommendation for how users can keep track of multiple unique passwords. Well unfortunately users of the LastPass password manager have been advised to 'exercise caution' after a security vulnerability was discovered last weekend. Wired has more:

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Google's smart speaker, Google Home, will launch in the UK on 6 April 017, the company has revealed. They will also be releasing Google Wifi, which is a mesh WiFi system that claims to bring reliable internet coverage to consumers at home. Both devices will be priced at £130, although you can purchase two Google WiFi units for £230.


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For the first time, researchers at the University of California in San Diego have been able to 3D print an organ with blood vessels attached.

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Apple's latest models of smartphones will now be available in red, the company has revealed. The move reflects the company's ongoing partnership with Aids charity, Red:

Apple also launched a new iPad, but with little fanfare or ceremony. This quiet unveiling likely reflects the tablet's declining sales - a pattern experienced by most tablet manufacturers, not just Apple.

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Now that AMD's long anticipated high-end Ryzen 7 CPU has been out for a few weeks, the company has announced their mid-range line up. Bit Tech has more:


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Since AMD's Ryzen CPU launched recently, it has received rave reviews far and wide. However some users have encountered some issues with the frame-rate in games, and last night AMD published a blog post addressing this:

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