We've got a roundup of reviews for the new Intel i9-7980XE and i9-7960X CPUs (18 and 16 core respectively). These are at very top of the high-end market, designed to compete with AMD's Threadripper series. You'll need deep pockets to buy one, as they'll cost just shy of £2,000:
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Official Google blog post.
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A potential breakthrough in computing has been made by Australian researchers, as they have managed to use photons to process data (rather than electrons) in a microchip - using acoustic waves from their interaction to store data for short periods.

TechSpot have a more detailed explanation:

If you'd like to read the research paper, follow this link:
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Read the full story at Bleeping Computer.

Official Statement from Piriform:
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A new type of exploit has been discovered which can spread to many different devices via Bluetooth, without connecting or having any interaction from the user. This exploit could spread very quickly now that details have been made public, as it would only take a few seed devices for a virus to spread en-mass.

Ars Technica have a detailed article which includes some example videos of the exploit in action:

Microsoft and Apple devices have already been patched, as long as you're using the latest versions (and up to date with security patches). However, Android and Linux devices are particularly vulnerably - especially if you're using a non-Google Android phone (i.e. Samsung S7/S8).

You could download the Blueborne scanner for your Android phone and it'll tell you if you're vulnerable - plus it will scan for other BT devices in range that are also susceptible:

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It's not a surprise to hear that Google are appealing their €2.42 billion fine from the EU, with regard to anti-competitive behaviour via their price comparison tools:

Read more at TechCrunch:
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MadShrimps have a review of the Shuttle XPC nano NC03U Barebone, a tiny Kaby-Lake based PC that may be a good fit for HTPCs or minimalist users. It uses less than 20W of power at full load, which is extremely impressive:


Read the rest here:
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Microsoft and Amazon have announced that their voice assistants (Cortana and Alexa, respectively), will work together in the near future. If you've got a Windows 10 PC and use Amazon Echo, this could be good news.

Read the rest here:
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