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Windows 11 Download

Microsoft Windows 11 was released today, a few hours earlier than expected. You can visit the Microsoft website (here) and download the installation assistant to upgrade an existing Windows 10 PC, or if you'd prefer to perform a clean install, a media creation tool and ISO download are available. Windows 11 features a significant UI update, widely considered an improvement (unlike the Windows... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Oct 5, 2021

iPhone 13 likely announced on September 14th at "California Streaming" event

Apple are holding a remote streaming event from the Apple Park campus on September 14th 2021, entitled "California Streaming". It's widely expected that we will see the new iPhone 13 announced, along with a new series of Apple watch. Marketing SVP, Greg Joswiak posted this teaser trailer on twitter: Rumours suggest Apple is planning to release a 5.4-inch ‌iPhone 13‌ mini, a 6.1-inch... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Sep 8, 2021

Windows 11 launch event

Microsoft is set to hold an event titled "What's next for Windows" - scheduled for 11am ET (3PM GMT) on 24th June 2021. The image released to announce this event also has some clues... Check out the shadow of those windows... notice that the image isn't quite what you'd expect that shape to show. There're in the shape of an "11". There are a lot of clues to suggest we're about to see... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Jun 14, 2021

Bank of England considers digital currency

The UK Treasury and Bank of England are setting up a "Central Bank Digital Currency" taskforce to investigate creating a digital pound. The rise of cryptocurrency has seen governments around the world take a serious look at how a completely digital financial system may look. The so-called "BritCoin" would mean that individuals and businesses would be able to hold currency directly with the... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Apr 23, 2021

NVIDIA launches RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 for £469, £649, £1399

NVIDIA unveiled the new line of 3000 series RTX graphics cards yesterday, but the biggest surprise was the huge leap in performance and a reduction in price. The RTX 3070 costs £479, but claims to match the hugely expensive 2080 RTX in performance. The pressure from AMD and the next generation of consoles has put considerable pressure on NVIDIA, so the pricing on the RTX 3070 is likely to... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Sep 2, 2020

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 benchmarks spotted in the wild

We may have our first "in the wild" glimpse of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 performance, as it has shown up in a benchmark on the popular UserBenchmark website. The benchmark has since been removed, but not before some quick-thinking twitter users spotted the result. Here's the full screenshot, thanks to _rogame on twitter: The graphics card was listed as a NVIDIA (10DE 1467) and shows... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Aug 19, 2020

The Mother of All Demos - Incredible demonstration of a computer from 1968

If you were to think about the state of computing in the late 1960's, you'd likely think about punch cards, basic text-only displays and unintuitive button interfaces. However, a conference by Doug Engelbert in December 1968 shows a live demonstration of the "oN-Line System" (NLS), which shows so many features that are comparable to modern day computing. The demonstration included a live video... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Jun 29, 2020

Dangerous 5G Mast Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories posted on Facebook and other social media are blaming 5G masts for the spread of Coronavirus, even going as far to blame the rollout of 5th Generation wireless data technology as causing the symptoms of the virus and killing people. Several 5G masts (in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling) have already been set alight, with further incidents at undisclosed locations. This... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Apr 5, 2020

"Right to Repair" law planned

The European Commission has proposed introducing new laws which will improve the "right to repair" of electronics devices. So many laptops, mobile phones and other devices are difficult to repair and are simply thrown away when a single module or component breaks. The premise of the new laws would be to tackle the disposable and "premature obsolescence" culture of electronics goods, and... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Mar 11, 2020

Met Office confirm £1.2 billion weather forcasting supercomputer

The UK Met Office is set to upgrade their current forecasting supercomputer to one that is 6x more powerful (with a further 3x upgrade after 5 years). The total cost for the new system is £1.2 billion, which includes operating costs over the 10 year lifespan. The upgrade in performance will allow weather forecasting resolution down to 100m², a huge improvement on the 1500m² grid (outside... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Feb 19, 2020

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