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First details of Sony's next-gen PlayStation revealed

In an interview with Wired, Mark Cerny, the lead system architect of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), has revealed that the next PlayStation console from Sony will be faster, more powerful, and have improved audio compared with the PS4. In short, the new console will not just be an upgrade to the PS4, it will be entirely new. So what do we know about the next-gen console? Well first off, we don't... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Apr 16, 2019

Amazon to launch "Project Kuiper" for satellite based broadband

Amazon plans to launch up to 3,236 satellites in a low-earth orbit to provide global internet coverage, according to GeekWire: The filings lay out a plan to put 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit — including 784 satellites at an altitude of 367 miles (590 kilometers); 1,296 satellites at a height of 379 miles (610 kilometers); and 1,156 satellites in 391-mile (630-kilometer) orbits. There's... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Apr 8, 2019

Valve to enter virtual reality hardware market with Valve Index

The video game company behind Steam have teased an image of what appears to be a virtual reality headset, labelled 'Valve Index', along with the tag-line, "Upgrade your experience. May 2019". It is expected that the May 2019 reference will be when we find out more information on the device, rather than a potential release date. Source: Valve So far very little is known about the headset... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Apr 1, 2019

Google Stadia

Google have announced that they are to join the growing market of game streaming companies with their new Stadia product. This has been anticipated for some time, but now we finally have a handful of details on their launch. They promise support for 60FPS, 4K, HDR gaming (assuming your internet connection is up to the job) - something surpassing the capability of most consoles. Stadia... [Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Mar 21, 2019

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp recovering after worst outage in their history

Facebook and Instagram are recovering from a mysterious outage yesterday which left users unable to access their services. Users also encountered problems with messaging app WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, as well as Facebook's first messaging app, Messenger. Given that the problems only affected sites and apps owned by the Facebook group, there was wide speculation that the outage was... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Mar 14, 2019

USB4 announced, will double data transfer speed

The USB Promoter Group have announced that the specification of USB4 is now ready and pending release. It will double the bandwidth of USB compared with USB 3.2, and will enable multiple data and display protocols to happen simultaneously. The new specification is based on the Thunderbolt 3 hardware interface, which was developed by Intel in conjunction with Apple. Intel have revealed that... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Mar 5, 2019

MWC 2019: Foldable phones

The Mobile World Congress for 2019 (MWC19) is currently underway in Barcelona, and the news eclipsing everything else is foldable phones. The contenders Samsung were the first to unveil a foldable phone at MWC19; the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The large screen folds in on itself, and there is a smaller screen on the outside which can be used when the device is closed. Since the screen is on the... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Feb 27, 2019

Google teases announcement at GDC next month

Google has been trying to break in to the video game market for years now. In 2014 they attempted to purchase Twitch, the live streaming video platform, but lost out to Amazon. Kotaku reported last year that Google were planning on launching a streaming service and some kind of gaming hardware, code-named Project Yeti. In October 2018 Google announced Project Stream; a game streaming service... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Feb 21, 2019

Facebook should be regulated, according to UK MPs

A committee investigating disinformation and fake news has concluded that tech giants such as Facebook should be held accountable for harmful content posted by their users. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS), one of the Commons Select Committees in the UK, has spent over a year looking at how fake news and disinformation is spread and the effects it can have. According to... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Feb 18, 2019

Today is Safer Internet Day

How life has changed since the advent of the internet. The fact that most people on this planet have access to the wealth of human knowledge is something we often take for granted, and indeed children nowadays think of pre-internet times as virtually prehistoric. But as Uncle Ben once wisely told Peter Parker, "with great power comes great responsibility". Today is Safer Internet Day, so what... [Read the rest here]

By Becky Cunningham, published on Feb 5, 2019

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