The BBC reports that 20,000 public phone boxes will be removed from the streets of the UK over the next five years, as they get so little use. This figure represents half of all UK public phone boxes.

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Mozilla have launched Firefox Send, a free file sharing service that will allow you to send up to 1GB of data over an encrypted service (with an automatic expiry timer). It'll work in any modern browser, not just Firefox:

Here's the website:

So far, it's in Beta as part of the FF "testpilot" program. The service isn't intended for mass file sharing, but rather a private file sharing service for when using e-mail isn't practical due to large filesizes. At the moment, download links expire after 1 download or 24 hours.
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We've got a roundup AMD Ryzen Threadripper reviews, an absolute beast of a CPU with 12 or 16 cores, depending on the model. Don't take a look at the price if you're feeling squeamish...
I doubt many people will want to spent £1000 on a CPU, but it does give an insight as to what we can expect further down the line in more competitively priced consumer CPUs.
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If you've been looking at buying a new monitor or graphics card, you're probably aware of the raging FreeSync vs G-Sync battle. NVIDIA and AMD both have different methods of avoiding graphics "tearing" during high FPS games - but you'll need to buy matching and compatible hardware for this to work. Techspot take a look at the current state of things in 2017:

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IBM have managed to improve magnetic tape storage density to 201 gigabits per square inch, an incredible increase which allows up to 330TB on a standard palm-sized backup tape. Although you may have considered tape storage a think of the past, it is very much alive and well for data archival purposes.

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Anandtech have more details on the upcoming Radeon RX Vega launch, due on 14th August 2017. We'll have to wait a little longer for benchmarks, but the details are pretty juicy:

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Google have been conducting research in to the recent ransomware epidemic by creating thousands of virtual machines and exposing them to sources of malware. These virtual victims were then monitored to understand more about the threat:

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