Puerto Rico is still recovering from the devastating hurricane, which included huge amounts of damage to phone infrastructure (which will hamper relief efforts and limit contact for worried friends/family). Alphabet (Google's parent company) have launched high altitude balloons which can act as mobile base stations, allowing people to send text messages and use limited amounts of mobile data:

Read more at the BBC:
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Bit-Tech take a look at the Swiftpoint Z - a £199 (!), high-end, customisable mouse. It even has an OLED screen built in:

SwiftPoint Z.png

Read the review here:
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This looks to be very serious, especially if you're on Android or Linux.


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Bitcoin (a digital cryptocurrency) has reached an all-time high value of just over $5,700 this week, having started the year at less than $1000. More and more people appear to be piling on to the bitcoin train, although it is still widely used as an investment, rather than a true currency.

The Guardian have an article covering some of the recent developments and high-level discussions that will impact Bitcoin in the future:

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Microsoft have officially given up on Windows Mobile, with an announcement that there will be no more development - only bugfixes and security patches:

ArsTechnica have a great article on the rise and fall of Windows Mobile:
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Kaspersky have hit the headlines again, with allegations that confidential documents were stolen from an NSA contractor's home computer by Russian agents. These files were allegedly targeted by hackers after being identified by the AV software. Kaspersky have robustly denied the allegations:

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Google have officially announced the second generation of Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. There are a fair number of changes from previous versions, including an IP67 rating (can survive 1m of water for 30 mins) as well as a highly rated camera module.

Android Authority have more here: http://www.androidauthority.com/google-pixel-2-xl-804237/
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Intel have unveiled their new AI chip, called "Loihi". It's based on nueromorphic technology, meaning that it mimics the structure of a brain, which should help solve certain types of problem more efficiently:

Read more at Engadget:
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