The UK Government has announced plans to introduce the requirement for UAV drone registration for owners of aircraft weighing > 250g. There have been an increasing number of problems with drone owners operating aircraft unsafely, such as very close to airport runways or flying them at high speed in public places.

The BBC have more details here:
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TechSpot have a very detailed comparison of the Ryzen 5 1600 vs the Intel i7-7800x. 30 games are tested and benchmarked, and there is a reasonably wide range of results:

Read the review here:

If you were building a budget gaming PC, which CPU would you choose?
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Legit Reviews check out the Logitech P Pro keyboard and mouse, designed for gamers. It comes with RBG backlighting and mechanical keys:


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Google have released a very interesting (and amusing) video of the Deepmind AI learning how to walk in a virtual environment:

As impressive as this is, it's worth watching for a laugh, as some of the "walks" are quite unique!
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You may have noticed websites displaying protests against the rolling back of "net neutrality" rules within the United States. These rules mean that all web traffic must be treated equally - i.e. an ISP can't charge more to allow priority access to streaming services, etc... Although these rules don't cover the UK/EU, it could set a precedent.

Read the rest on the BBC:
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Microsoft are getting closer to releasing a large Windows 10 update (sometime in Autumn), as a "bug bash" has been announced to try and reduce the number of problems in the latest Windows Insider build. Windows Central have a sneak peak at new features we can expect to see:

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PCPerspective take a look at the new Vega Frontier Edition in CrossFire mode - if you're considering buying this new card, it's worth a read to find out the current performance (this will likely improve with some tweaking of drivers):


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MadShrimps review the QNAP TS-653B, a 6-bay quad-core NAS that includes a PCIe slot and plenty of connectivity options:

qQNAP 653b.jpg

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