MadShrimps take a look at the CORSAIR ST100, a headset stand with a built-in "7.1" sound card for use with any 3.5mm headset:

Read the review here:
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Read more at Mozilla's blog:
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Nikktech have a review of the LG 24MP48HQ-P, a 24 Inch IPS LED Monitor - an affordable entry level monitor:


Read the review here:
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Intel and AMD combine to create Intel Radeon Graphics. This video explains how they did it, what it is and why.

--- Video Links Below ---
Intel Newsroom -
Anandtech EMIB -
Anandtech AMD Semi Custom -
Tum Apisak's Geekbench benchmark video -
TechPowerUp Benchmarks -
PC Perspective AMD/Intel Collab -
Semi Accurate Apple kicks Nvidia -
Fool Contra-Revenue huge waste of money -
Extremetech -
Videocardz twitter post -

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Well its a 'cloud driver' but still, this is not good.

Source: Tomshardware
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A "fake" version of the popular messaging application Whatsapp has been downloaded over 1 Million times from the Google Play store. By crafting an extremely similar looking application and identical appearing download title, many users have inadvertently downloaded an application that makes money via advertising (rather than serving a useful purpose!). Worryingly, this same mechanism could be used for more troubling things, such as malware:

ZDNet have more:
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The Verge have an article covering Tim Cook's thoughts on social media and the news - primarily relating to the alleged US "fake news" election interference:

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The BBC has an interesting article regarding some spooky co-incidences where people have been talking about a product or event, only to be shown related advertising somewhere on Facebook or other platforms:

Has anything similar ever happened to you? Here's the list on the BBC website:
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