XP clients no longer see network faxes in fax console



I decided to uninstall and reinstall the fax service on the server hoping to
fix my route to email routing method, but that didn't do the trick and now I
get an error in my fax console on all my XP clients that says "Some fax
printers are inaccessible." All clients can print to the shared network fax
printer and fax successfully. The sent faxes are all visible in their sent

There is nothing in their inbox or incoming faxes box. Even after reinstall
the original faxes and all concurrent faxes are visible on the server fax

Thanks for any suggestions.

Naresh [MSFT]

If I'm getting your scenario right, it seems that you once were able to
fax using remote fax printers but now not now. Assuming that you have the
network connections right, one possible reason could be that the credential
with which you initially added the remote printer would have been changed
now. Removing and readding the remote printer could make things right. You
could check the status of the fax printers using Tools->'Fax Printers
If the above soulution is not making any difference there the issue
could only be some problem in your network.
Let me know if you have more details on this.

Naresh Chandrasekaran,
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team
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