USB Printers on XP Embedded


Daniel Edwards

I am having difficulty installing a USB printer on XPe. I am trying to
print on a HP Laserjet 1012 which has a USB connection to the PC.

I have componentized the driver for the HP Laserjet 1012 and added it to my
image. I have also added the USB printing support component that comes with
XPe SP1 to my image.

When I am running my explorer shell in my XPe machine, I go to the control
panel and select printers and faxes. I click "add printer" and begin the
load the driver from a CD. During the installation process the driver
software prompts me for the printer port selection. The USB virtual printer
port is not included on the list. I cannot select it. The communication
with the printer cannot be established and the printer driver installation
fails. I have also tried this with a Lexmark Z705 inkjet which is also a
USB printer and I get a similar error-> (port not available... not

I have experimented with all the components that are related to printing.
No success. Has anyone out there successfully printed on a XP embedded
machine? What was the printer? Did you use a USB cable or a parallel port?


I have installed and printed on the following: HP 5550 USB Local and a Samsung CLP-500 USB/Shared + Network print server (Buffalo USB -> 10/100 ethernet), didn't have a problem, just a little fussy with the original setup.exe...

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