PDF Printer Installation Fails




I am trying to install the Adobe Postscript printer driver on my xpe
runtime image.

During the setup I receive two error messages:


Error 126 The Specified Module could not be found.



Error 1797 The printer driver is unknown.

Well, I was looking for that functions in the MSDN lib. to get some
inspiration about missing components.

Unfortunately it seems, that everything is available - but obviously not.

I've added every component around printing / fax / postscript /class
installers /Generic Printer Device etc.

So a common printer (HP LaserJet 3200) can be installed on the image without
any problems!

Does anybody have an idea to solve that prob.

Thanks for any response.


PS. I've updated the config. and the dev tools to Xpe Feature Pack 2007.



It doesn't seem to be enough information you posted to be able to help you with the issue.

What do you run in order to install the driver? An installer or do you install the driver with its .INF file?
Keep in mind that most of the printer drivers require their help files to be present and added to the runtime.

Specifically, "The Specified Module could not be found" error could mean you are missing a file/component.

Is there any chance you can post your \windows\setupapi.log file here (use attachment in email client like OE). Or, at least, grab
and post here the diff between setupapi.log before and after the installation of the printer driver you mentioned.

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