Error "The printer driver is unknown" when installing printers


V Mattila


I'm trying to install Star Micronics TSP-800 printer on Windows XP Embedded.
Event log shows that a new printer was added with certain files, but the
installation process ends up with "The printer driver is unknown" error.
That's all information given and found.

I tried to search the web for similar errors, but they all are related to NT
or security policies. I am installing the driver as an Administrator, so
policies should not be a reason.

Do you have any ideas what should be considered - or is it that simple that
Star printer can't be used in XPe (even they have drivers for it).

Best regards,


this reply might be a bit late but..

this means the driver could not be loaded properly as is missing some files.
I had this as generaly the .hlp files are missing.
to go though the troubleshooting, add the ädd printer wizard" and follow.
my case I got a popup to supply the missing file(s)

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