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I've just got a newcomputer and when I try to access my gmail account I get
this error message from gmail.
"Gmail requires ActiveX controls to be enabled

Your browser seems to be Internet Explorer, and ActiveX seems to be
disabled. Gmail requires ActiveX to be enabled in order to operate.

To use Gmail, enable ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer. You can do this
by going to the Tools menu, selecting Internet Options, Security tab,
Internet zone, and either select the Default Level, or selecting Custom Level
and scrolling down to "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" and selecting

After enabling ActiveX controls, try again. "

I've done everything it says but it doesn't make any difference at all - I
still can't get on the page. It's driving me mad! I'm on Windows XP S.P2 and
I.E 6.0.
If anyone can give me any help at all I'd be really grateful as I've just
come across a brick wall!



Jan Il

Hi spark :)

Try the following and see if it helps:

Allow active content to run in files on My Computer - Windows XP Service
Pack 2:


Courtesy of Ramesh -

Click Star Click on Start -- Run
Type Regsvr32 softpub.dll
Click OK

Start, Run and type this command

If these steps do not resolve your problem, please post back to this thread
with the details and any error messages.

Hope this helps

Jan :)
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