Scanner twain (2nd post)



I would just like to re-post the following problem on the newsgroup as I am
still trying to fix the problem with my scanner ASAP.
I have recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled XP including
downloading SP2.
However I am having some problems in setting up the scanner which is a Canon
N124OU. When I install the Scanner software I get a message stating that the
scanner may not scan properly due to a twain driver problem.
If I go to device manager and choose to uninstall the device,unplug the
scanner and reboot I get the usual window stating that new hardware has been
found and this appears to be correctly showing both in the device manager and
scanners/camera's section of control panel. If I choose the option to test
the scanner this states that the device is working normally.
However if I then attempt to scan I get the error 'unable to find scanner
twain source'. If I try the option to update driver etc this again states
that the twain source cannot be found. I have downloaded the driver etc from
the Canon website but this again does not appear to be the fix.
I would therefore appreciate any help or advice on the problem as I have now
run out of ideas as to what the problem might be.
In addition to all of the above I have now uninstalled the scanner software
and deleted it from device manager before unplugging scanner etc.
However when I restart the PC with scanner plugged in again I do not appear
to get the 'Found new hardware wizard' as shown in the quick start guide
although the device will now appear to be shown in the control panel.
Really appreciate any help here as I need to scan something for a local
paper ASAP !!!


R. McCarty

Don't use the Twain driver. I had a similar model, that's now at
college with my son. Instead, get the WIA driver for XP and use
that instead. You must remove the existing driver and the Canon
ScanGear that loads with it, before installing the WIA version.

Direct download link here:


I have the same problem my canon scanner only works with Windows 98. not with
XP SP2 ... your scanner not compatiable with xp, buy a new one they are so

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