Scanner Twain source



I have recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled XP including
downloading SP2.
However I am having some problems in setting up the scanner which is a Canon
N124OU. When I install the Scanner software I get a message stating that the
scanner may not scan properly due to a twain driver problem.
If I go to device manager and choose to uninstall the device,unplug the
scanner and reboot I get the usual window stating that new hardware has been
found and this appears to be correctly showing both in the device manager and
scanners/camera's section of control panel. If I choose the option to test
the scanner this states that the device is working normally.
However if I then attempt to scan I get the error 'unable to find scanner
twain source'. If I try the option to update driver etc this again states
that the twain source cannot be found. I have downloaded the driver etc from
the Canon website but this again does not appear to be the fix.
I would therefore appreciate any help or advice on the problem as I have now
run out of ideas as to what the problem might be.


Michael Billington

Do you have camera drivers installed as well? I have had a similar problem
with my Scanner and it turned out the camera and the scanner were attempting
to use the same driver.


Yes I do have a digital camers installed, although in saying this the scanner
was working ok with the digital camera priot to me re-formatting the hard
drive. If you had a conflict with camera and scanner - what did you do to
overcome the problem ?


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