Scanner does not appear in scanners and cameras



I have a Visioneer Roadwarrior scanner that I installed. It supposedly
supports TWAIN and WIA. I was able to successfully install it. However
it does not appear in the scanners and cameras in control panel. I
have made sure that the windows image acquisition (WIA) service is
started and set to Automatic. I have also tried using wiaacmgr.exe
but it reports the following:

The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera.

I have tried to completely uninstall the scanner, reboot, then
reinstall it. The same thing happens.
How can I fix the WIA for scanners/cameras?



There is no mystery version. It is the Visioneer Roadwarrior scanner.
I have tried the drivers that are listed for the Roadwarrior, which
apparently are the same as those shipped with the unit.

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