missing scanner wizard



After installing sp2 (on winxp pro) it seems I no longer have a scan wizard.
I have removed the scanner from device manager and let xp find it again but
this doesn't help.
Also, when I go to add hardware, Canon is not listed as one of the
manufactureres (which seems odd).

My scanner (canoscan n670u) does show up in the Scanners and Cameras window,
but all I can do is view properties.

When I run the wizard manually (wiaacmgr.exe), it says the computer cannot
detect the scanner or camera.

Any ideas?


To those of you who have lost the use of the Camera Wizard I have confirmed
that there is a conflict between Real Player 10 and the Wizard preventing the
Wizard from running. However, I have found the cause and have a solution.

There is an incompatability between the Wizard and the file REALSCHED.EXE,
which runs on startup. Disable it with the Task Manager and the functionality
of the Wizard is restored. You can permanently disable REALSCHED from running
on startup using MSCONFIG. However, it will become active again any time Real
Player is started. But it is definitely NOT necessary to uninstall Real
Player to mitigate the conflict and get the Wizard working again.

I have confirmed that this file is the cause of the problem, but have no
idea just what purpose it serves other than taking up memory. It schedules
something or other. Perhaps it is the source of those %$#@@#$$# Real Player
pop-up messages!


To Everyone following this thread:

I finally did get a response from the technical support people at
RealPlayer. Sorry I did not post it earlier; it just slipped my mind. It will
solve the problem and MSCONFIG will start normally, too, since REALSCHED will
no longer start on boot. Here is their solution:

"You can shut down automated update service.

Open RealPlayer. Go to Tools then Preferences.
Click on Automated Services and then Disable Message Center and Auto updates.

RealNetworks RealPlayer Technical Support"

BTW those are two (2) separtate actions, the message center and the auto
updates. Disabling the latter means that you have to be alert to news about
possible security holes in RealPlayer and the uddates they may issue to deal
with them. Turning off the former will end their pesky announcments! So
REALSCHED.EXE is obviously the gateway their nuisance meassages use.

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