Created 2nd email address - can send from it but cant receive in W



Hi there - have created a 2nd email address and in Windows Mail when creating
new message, am given the option of selecting which email address to send

Problem is, I am not receiving any emails (sent to 2nd address).

Have searched Q & A in help & everyone says that as WM onloy has one inbox,
1 & 2 email addresses will be put into the one inbox - which is what I want.
Problem is am only receiving emails in WM for email address 1.

Have logged onto webmail via ISP site & can see the emails there - so the
email address I created is valid.

IS there a setting in WM or my computer that I need to change to allow the
2nd email address to come through with the first??




Steve Cochran

Check under Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties for the second account and
make sure the box is checked to include the account when sending and


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