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Dec 17, 2010
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Hi all,

Haven't posted in here in a while but I was just curious about something someone said to me a few days ago.
I was working on a site for a client recently I added a new feature (accordion style Read More/Less links) and this client said that the new features were not working in IE. So I went to browserstack and ran some tests all version of IE8+ were fine so I asked this client what OS they were using and what version of IE.
They came back and told me Windows 7 and IE7 - I thought that was very strange, maybe someone can shed some light on this, but I didn't think anyone would be running IE7 on a Windows 7 machine?
And also would anyone code for IE7 now?

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Mar 5, 2002
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Internet Explorer 8 is the default browser installed in Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 7 can, however, be downloaded from Microsoft ... S/he probable liked 7 better than 8 as 8 broke stuff ... to prevent compatibility issues, IE8 also includes the IE7 rendering behaviour. Sites that expect IE7 quirks can disable IE8's breaking changes by including a meta element in the HEAD section of the HTML document.

IE 11 is the "latest" form of breaking the internet from MS. :)

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