WHQL Certification for USB Controller




We have a USB controller designed into our product that we wish to have WHQL
certified. After running all the requisite tests on our driver using the
Microsoft DTM, the results indicate that the INF Test has failed. Looking at
the failure log has revealed that the DriverVer and CatalogFile directives in
the [Version] section of the USB INF are missing, required, and must not be
blank. Hoping to conquer the easy failure first, I added a DriverVer
directive to the [Version] section of the INF in the appropriate format and
re-ran the test; the test failed again with the same error log. Then I
noticed that from the test log it appeared that the tests were actually being
run on the file called oem25.inf, even though the file I specified in DTM is
called DcUSB.inf. I’m not sure why this would be, so I did a little
investigating and realized that oem25.inf is an exact copy of our DcUSB.inf
driver. I’m still not sure why this is so, but I updated this INF with a
DriverVer directive also and re-ran the test. Again the test failed in the
same way.

So basically, my set of questions is:

1 How do I change my INF so that it will pass the INF Test?
2 Why is DTM running tests on oem25.inf even though I have pointed it to
another INF file?
3 How do I get DTM to recognize my changes to my INF?
4 What do I need to do in order to avoid getting the CatalogFile error

A comment on part 4: I have already purchased Class 3 Authenticode Digital
ID from VeriSign and have set up a Winqual account.

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