Windows XP Logo Testing



Dear Sir

We are in a position to submit a newly assembled computer for Windows XP
Logo Testing. We are going to submit this computer because it is a
requirement from our reseller to have these systems Windows XP Logo Tested.
At a further stage we will have other systems tested for Windows Vista Logo
but at the moment we need help in the process of submitting this machine for
Windows XP Logo.

At the moment we followed the instructions by installing the DTM Controller
on a Windows 2003 Server, installed the DTM Studio and installed the DTM
Client on the test machine. We downloaded the latest QFE’s and installed
them. At a later stage we created an account in WINQUAL and registered our
company under Island Engineering Services LTD. We downloaded the latest
filter updates together with the WINQUAL Uploader Tool 2.0 and the
WINQUALSUBMISSION Tool .Later on we used the DTM Studio VER
1.0.6000.011 and put the machine on test.

After 2-3 days on test we tested the machine.My only query before submitting
the result to WINQUAL is regarding the result of some tests. When opening the
Task Pool and some results are marked with a red cross sign, for example the
Signed Driver Check (XP)(Manual) has the Run WDKDriverValitationLibraryJob
Task marked with a red cross sign –what does that mean? I hope you can answer
me ASAP and hope to have a contact person which can answer the questions.

Regards Mark Borg (Island Engineering Services LTD) ++35621322838

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