I'm new to WDK/DTM/WHQL, can someone help please?




My company makes computer keyboards and we need to test & submit results for
the Windows Logo program.

So far I have obtained an Authenticode ID, created a WHQL account, and
downloaded WDK/DTM. I do not currently have a system running Server 2003 to
install it on so this is where I am stuck at this point. Below are a list of
questions off the top of my head, any help answering them would be greatly
appreciated seeing as most of the MS support email addresses supplied for
help on this area are either dead, give generic replies, or contact someone
unrelated to this subject.

1. Would Small Business Server 2003 be considered OK to run the DTM
controller/studio on? I have read in several places that SBS is Server 2003
but not explicitly, just want to make sure I can use it before dropping a few
hundred more dollars on regular Server 2003. If it is not, what is the
minimum (read: least expensive) version of Server 2003 that will run the DTM

2. To anyone who has set this up before: Would an old P3 Dell 800mhz
system run the controller/studio/Server 2003 efficiently enough in your
opinion? The system requirements in the WDK/DTM installer image give very
low specs, just want to make sure it will be ok so I do not have to spend
more money for a machine to act as the controller/studio.

3. Is USB 2.0 a requirement for the DTM to run properly (on any of the
controller/studio/client machines)?

4. Any idea on how long it would take to run the full battery of tests for
a keyboard using a single client/single controller-studio setup?

5. Our keyboards use the Microsoft standard HID drivers (we do not write
any additional drivers, all of them are plug and play using this generic
one). Will I be able to test and submit everything I need to be Windows Logo
compliant? Most of the people who I have asked so far have answered with a
'head scratch' type of answer so help on this topic would be GREATLY

Thank you to anyone in advance who can help me with this, and to anyone who
could improve the documentation for future newbies to WDK/DTM/WHQL so others
would not be so lost!

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