DTM USB Address descriptor test on XP64



When I tested my USB device with DTM on XP64SP2+AMD64 Platform, there were
several USB relative test items fail, which are USB Address descriptor test,
USB descriptor test and USB enumerate test etc. However, all these items were
passed on 32bitOS with the same platform and under-test-device. My device is
UVC camera that use windows default driver.

On XP64 most of them wont run, a command windows was poped out shows that
the DTM client finished initialized the driver and start test. However, the
test was just hung like that and no bus activity could be catched.
Besides,the tests make my USB controller non functional. What I can see is
that while running the USB descriptor test, the test removed the driver (I
think an attempt to reinitalize ) and after that it never comes back. It just
hung like there is no device present. And a yellow alarm icon was present on
the usb root hub when the device manager property page was opened. After
aborting the test if I try to replug the device it says there is a prevoius
image of the driver is still there in memory.

Vivian Lin

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