This is a follow up of the topic "USB Address Descriptor test on amd64". on
windows driver developer forum
It seems like the new HCT(12.0.1 with the laest patch applied) had a bug on
testing various USB specific functions like the USB Address descriptor,
enumeration etc. After testing on 3 different machines and 2 drivers which
are already got HCT signed by a designated test machine and also testing
Microsoft HID driver itself shows the same result. The following is the
issue. If we use the universal category of test suite and try to start any
USB specific tests immediately after HCT scanning for devices(no restart of
test or test system after scan) ; after running the test, Device manager will
fail to load the tested driver(This is happening even for the Microsoft HID
driver). On amd64 the test itself fails to start. If you run the descriptor
test the test window appears and it stay there for ever not continuing with
the test. I don't think it is hanging since I can abort the test any time.
Also there is no bus activity during this time and it's not an HCT GUI issue
since running the test from command prompt yield the same results. On 32 bit
windows version the test is always successful. But after one test the device
manager will say “there is a previous instance of the device is there in
memoryâ€. On amd64 the only thing the log says is the BUS initialization and
finished and stuck on device initialization. The results are identical for
Microsoft provided HID driver itself. Anybody have the same issues or any
suggestions how to proceed with this issue?. I'm mostly concern about the 64
bit version since even after the machine reboot the test never get started.

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