Where are ChkINF and Device Path Exerciser tests




Could you tell me please why in HCT 11.2 Documentation
for "Anti-Virus/File System Filter
Driving tests" you have topics about "ChkINF test"
and "Device Path Exerciser test", and
in HCT 11.2 Test Manager "Available Tests for Selected
Test Category" box you DON'T have
How can I run ChkINF and Device Path Exerciser tests, if
it is neccessary for submission
tests results?

Thank you.

In HCT 11.2 (11.2.030221) Test manager I have only these
Manual tests:
- Enable/Disable - Device I/O test
- I/O Stress with Anti-virus Scenario test
- Installable File System with Anti-Virus Scenario test
- Public Import test
- Signability test
Automated tests:
- ACPI S1 Stress test
- ACPI S3 Stress test
- Driver Verifier - Anti Virus Filter
- Installable File System test
- I/O Stress test
- Surprise Removal
- Sysparse test

Robert Harper [MSFT]


For support of the "Anti-Virus/File System Filter Driving tests" please
contact the support alias directly at:

mischelp @ Microsoft.com

Robert Harper
WHQLNET @ Microsoft.com

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