Question About (SSD Hard)Hardware Logo test.



We are testing SSD hard disk.
and We did not choose driver that mentioned in Help document. (Help
document says `do not choose driver`, so we check `no inf` check box)

as a result. We cant test all of test that listed on Help document.
(Because few test needs driver, but We didnt choose driver. )
-missing test list are below-
*Plug and Play Driver Test
*Prefast for Drivers
*Run INFTest against a single INF
*Device Path Exerciser

And We dont know why, but some of test are not listed in `available job`
-missing test list are below-
*SCSI Compliance test
*Anti-Virus/File System Filter Test Kit(IFS test) -> but we did `IFS
Test For Storage Logo`

and one more. We failed `SATA IO Sig Test(LOGO)` test.
but, I think that is not a hardware fault. just because hardware
manufacturer didnt provide `signature key`.

My question is.., In spite of this some of tests are missed or failed,
can we get Windows Logo?

simply. We want know the list of 'essential test' that must succeed to
get Windows Logo.

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