How to change dc2.exe options from Test Manager



Is is possible to change the command line parameters passed to dc2.exe
from the Test manager in HCT 11.2 ?

My driver is failing the Device Path Exerciser when run from the test
manager. When I run it manually from a dos box with:
verifier /flags /0xFB /driver <my driver>
dc2 /hct -k /dr <my driver>

it runs to completion fine.

I suspect my driver is wrong, but it would be convenient to run dc2
from the test manager with some of the logging options. I just don't
see where to input those. The parameter for the test looks like its
running dc2.ini to initiate the test, but that isn't a simple text

Remco Verheul

Bill, in the selected tests list right-click the DPE test and click 'Edit
Parameters'. Change the first parameter to alter the Driver Verifier

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