DC2 - how to turn on specific test?



I'm using DC2 from DDK 3790\tools\dc2\x86 and I was wondering how to turn on
only a certain test.

At one point I bugcheck in nt!memcpy with a bad memory reference. This is a
test with ZwReadFile. What I'd like to do, it just repeat this test over in
a shorter amount of time. Right now, it takes about 20 minutes to get to
this test with the following command line:

dc2 /htc /dr mydriver

DC2's documentation is stellar:
one small HTML file that says see the command line /? option for more
the command line /? option that says see the documentation for more


I guess I could use the +r -c options to skip all of the tests up to this



Yesterday I found the documents for DC2 on the MSDN website. It appears I
need +r, but I don't know if -c or +c is what I need to rerun the specific
test that failed. But I also need /lra to log everything into the
Crashn.log. Crashn.log is very important in the restart of the test.
Without this file, all of the tests would start over from scratch.

When a crash occurs, the test that crashed is in Crashn.log. With -c it
seems to skip the last test that crashed. I have to manually edit
Crashn.log to redo the last test. I wonder if +c would change that?


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