Problem with USB Framework Test



Hello Everyone,

I am trying to run the HCT 11.2 on my device/driver. My device is a
USB1.1 Network Device (DSL Category). While running the tests in HCT
11.2 under this category (DSL), all other tests run without any problem
except the USB Framework Test.

The HCT11.2 gives an error saying that "This tests cannot be run because
the device is not connected to a USB 2.0 Host Controller"

My machine is a HP-Compaq D220MT machine with USB2.0 and is having
Designed for Windows XP Logo.

Is there a way to run this test?

Has anyone faced a similar problem?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,


Robert Harper [MSFT]

Hi GNRaj,

Try installing a USB 2.0 hub between the device and the USB 2.0 controller.
Restart the HCT shell and the test should be able to run.

Robert Harper

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