WINKEY tests in HCT 11.2 fail on USB keyboard!!!!???


Mark Vanstone

Does anybody know what is going on. I have a USB keyboard (composite
device) connected to a PC. When running HCT 11.2 and trying the
WINKEY tests, none of the keys seems to be detected.

Is HCT11.2 WINKEY able to test a USB composite device keyboard?


Andy Wen [MSFT]

Did you install the WinKey Diagnostic driver prior running the WinKey test?
When you launch the Wineky test, you should also expect to see "Install
Driver" and "Uninstall Driver" option. Please click on "Install Driver"
first and follow rest of the test instruction. You can also find the
information from HCT 11.2 documentation.

Mark Vanstone

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply and for your solution -> current rev of HCT 11.2
does not work correctly with Windows XP Tablet edition with SP1.


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