Reseller Submission - DTM required?



I am trying to create a Driver Update Submission for a driver package that
our company is reselling. The only changes are in the INF file, all binaries
are unchanged.
We have been granted and have accepted the reseller rights through the
WinQual website. According to the WHQL policy documentation, I need to run
ChkInf on my changed INF file and package the resulting log with DTM, then
include this in my INF Update submission.
My question is: Is there a way to package the log file and create the
submission without having to set up a complete DTM environment? As I don't
need to re-test the binaries, I can't see why I would need to set up a test
I also don't have the original test results from the driver manufacturer. Do
I need these?
The documentation for driver resellers wanting to obtain certification for a
driver package (INF Update) is very sparse, any help would be greatly



Thanks for that.
I had already found this document, but it didn't answer my questions. In the
meantime, Microsoft have improved the DUA (Driver Update Acceptable)
mechanism, both within the Winqual submission tool, and on their website.
There is also a new help file available.

For anyone else encountering the same problem: You don't need to include the
original test logs, even though they appear in the DUA submission.

Another important detail that is only mentioned in the small print of the
Winqual submission tool start screen is to sign the submission file before
uploading it to the Winqual site.

I have finaly managed to get my driver files signed, but it was difficult to
find all the information needed.
I hope with the latest improvement on Microsoft's side it will be a lot
easier for others to create DUA submissions.

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