PrintTicket DTM issue



were trying to get our printer driver to pass the DTM PrintTicket test. we
are failing
5 tests out of 28.

while we have the PrintTicket interface implemented in our driver we are not
trying to expose
any of our private Devmode features. to my understanding this is valid.

i then compiled the WDK Unidrv PT/PC driver. it too fails the same exact 5
tests. in this case
the only private devmode data is what is in the GPD. i did add some test
features (e.g. Mirror
image) to the GPD to see (using a test application) if in fact the Unidrv
would expose this in the
Printer Capabilities and Print Ticket.which it did.

the tests that are failing are:

Dm-Pt-Dm with PrinterDefaultDevmode

if i can figure out why the WDK sample is failing the DTM test then i should
able to do
the same for our driver. i would have hoped the the WDK samples would be
able to pass
the DTM tests but ....

so... does anyone have any experience using the driver PrintTicket and what
needs to be done
in order to pass the DTM tests.



it looks like there are 2 different test suites that are part of the DTM
testing. i was running the command manually using the MasterTestSuite.xml
this is what was failing the 5 tests. switching to the WDKTestSuite passes
all 12

it appears from the full DTM Controller tests for PrintTicket is that the
suite is used so it looks like we should be able to pass the PrintTicket

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