DTM for NDIS 5.0 driver ?




Re-posting from development.device.drivers, hope this is the correct
forum for this question.

We have a NDIS 5.0 driver that needs to be certified for Windows XP.
An older version of the driver has been previously WHQL'ed. We are now
trying to test with DTM. We have done the basic setup of DTM controller,
studio and client, but have the following doubts:

1) If the driver is certified using a Windows XP machine, will it show
up as a signed driver when installed on Vista ?
2) Is there any documentation/training material/links specifically for NDIS
using the DTM ?

Have re-done WHQL tests using HCT 12.1 for this driver, but am unable to
find the exact/equivalent procedure to be followed for DTM.

Any pointers or inputs would be a great help!

Thanks in advance,

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