Digital Signature for an NDIS intermediate driver



I am developing a user mode application that uses an NDIS intermediate
driver as a helper. I need to get a digital signature for my driver so
I can install the product on client machines without being fronted with
the grave MS warnings about it being unsigned.

I tried checking the WHDC site, but I am having real troubles with it.
I went through the site, and read many docs, but I still haven't
figured out what I have to do in order to get a digital signature for
my ndis intermediate driver. Note I am not interested in getting the
"Certified for Windows" Logo for my product (which might be a more
difficult process, since it has a user-mode app that is not trivial). I
am only interested in getting my driver signed.

I downloaded the HCT and verified the driver passes all the tests, but
I didn't find a page describing the submission process for driver
signing (without logo).

Anyone went through this process with an NDIS intermediate? Any tips or



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