Windows XP 64-bit, NDIS Network Protocol (not filter)



I received 2 signed cat files for an NDIS Network Protocol after DTM testing
from Microsoft WinQual Team. The one for Windows 32-bit worked fine, however
the one for Windows XP-64 bit popped up a window "hasn't passed the windows
logo testing". I verified that the cat file received matched the .sys and
..inf that gets installed on the 64 bit machine. Why do I continue to receive
this pop-up message?

To avoid the pop-up, I can install the driver by pre-copying it into the
windows/inf system32/drivers folder and then invoke SetupCopyOemINf with a
NULL path and invoke HrInstallNetComponent. However, that would cause it to
bypass the WHQL logo checking/verification which defeats the purpose of
getting it WHQLed/DTM-ed.

I believe it is a bug in your Windows XP-64 bit signing program. Please
correct me if I am wrong.

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