Windows XP 64 or Windows Server 64 bit



I have new workstation with newest i7 CPU. I have 6GB RAM. The only way
to use all RAM is to have 64 bit Windows. Please tell me are send some
links which will help me decide what should I install. Shell I go for XP
64 (Vista 64 bit) or Windows Server 2003 64bit (2008 64 bit).

What software will not work on Server edition?

Before I was running Windows Server 2003 32bit and the only problem I
had was the software to my Sony-Ericsson mobile phone, which is not
working on the server OS

Thank you for your Help


Bob I

Perhaps you could pose your question to the folks in the 64 bit OS
groups? This one deals mainly with the 32 bit version of XP.

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