HCT11.2: Driver Verifier-NDIS 2c_Hibernate Test Crashing my system.




I am able to pass all HCT11.2 NDIS Test sucessfully (driver verifier
disabled) but when I run NDIS test with Driver Verifier Enabled, while
running 2c_hibernate it is crashing my system.

If I use WinDbg, I get the breakpoint and the following error message

"Waiting for Polling Work Item to Exit
*** Assertion failed: KeGetCurrentIrql() == LOW_LEVEL
*** Source File: d:\xpsp1\net\ndis\sys\minint.c, line 1624"

Looks like in my driver somewhere some parameter is being passed as NULL
and ASSERT is failing
but I am not able to figure out which function is causing this.

Can anyone help me on this to know what exactly is going wrong in my

Please Note: with driver verifier disabled, this test is passing without
any failure.

Thanking you in advance.

warm regards,

Mitesh Desai [MSFT]

Any chance you are calling NdisMSleep at IRQL >= DISPATCH_LEVEL? According
to DDK callers of NdisMSleep must be at IRQL < DISPATCH_LEVEL.


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