Virus. HELP!!

Dec 13, 2006
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So my computer has been acting very strange as of late. There is something wrong, but everytime i try to do something with my computer, I can't. I tried running Ad-aware, but everytime i do, my computer shuts down. My internet explorer wont let me view my links at the top. I can't save pictures, because i get a message saying, "the system cannot find the file specified." Nor can i view certain web pages, such as photobucket. All that shows up is a blank page. Also, i have windows xp, and only one user can be logged on at one time. It's driving me insane, because it's running so slow and not functioning properly. Oh and when i go to download updates for the computer i can't even do that because i get the message:: "There is not enough free memory to run this program" .. I don't know if I checked it right, but i went into the performance options tab in my system properties, then into virtual memory, and it said 18,960 MB space available.

I neeed help, please! Thank you so much.


Jan 4, 2003
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Reboot in safe mode and do all the above again.

Keep tapping the F8 key shortly after you see the bios screen

Choose the option boot into safe mode

try running your AV again

then reboot

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