Unable to install fax services


Nicci Gardner

i use windows xp professional at work and want to install
fax services. When i go into control panel, add windows
componenets, it will not let me install fax services. it
asks me to insert disk, but when i do it cannot find the
What am i doing wrong?



Arindam Basak [MSFT]

If your installation of Windows XP was from a CD, you will be prompted to
insert the CD and may need to browse to the i386 Folder so the installation
routine can find the necessary files. If your installation files are on the
hard drive, you may need to direct the routine to the i386 Folder there. If
you have applied SP1, these files may have been moved to a different folder
(ServicePackFiles\i386), and you will need to direct the routine to that

Arindam Basak
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team
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