Cannot install fax service on XP SP2


Tom Brown

I have tried to install the Fax service via Control Panel > Add or
Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Windows Components
Wizard, then check the Fax Services box, click Next. It stays busy with
a progress bar, etc. for about 10 seconds, says it's done, and I click
the Finish button.

I then re-boot, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories >
Communications > Fax and all I get at the next level is: (Empty).

How can I find out what is wrong and get Fax Services installed?


Tom Brown



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Start here:
2. Why can't the XP Fax Installation Program find the Installation Files?

In this case, it sounds you may have security data base corruption as
documented here:
You cannot add a Windows component in Windows XP

You can either:

1. Get the hotfix mentioned in the KB article and install it. Microsoft
usually waives any charges for support calls to get supported hotfixes
listed in Knowledge Base articles.

2. Try this procedure using the Esentutl.exe utility mentioned in the KB
article to recover from security database corruption:
HP and Compaq Notebook PCs: Unable to Install Windows XP Fax Software

Note that Microsoft does NOT recommend that you use the Esentutl.exe utility
and would prefer you try the hotfix.

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