Can't istall FAX in WinXP Pro



I followed MS Article ID 306550 to the letter. After doing the Control Panel
and Add/Remove Windows Components, selecting Fas Services and clicking NEXT,
the wizard tells me "You have successfully completed the windows component
wizard - Finish"
I do so and go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > FAX
and the sidebar says "(Empty)". There is no FAX Console or anything
associated with FAX or Fax Configuration Wizard.
What now?? I can see the fxsclnt.exe file in the Windows
ServicePackFiles/i386 folder and the Windows/system32 folder and if I click
on it I get the FAX Console window but that doesn't help.
How do I install the FAX application from here??

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Known issue. Start here:
2. Why can't the XP Fax Installation Program find the Installation Files?

In this case, it found everything, but didn't install it correctly. Its
likely you have security data base corruption as documented here:
You cannot add a Windows component in Windows XP

You can either:

1. Get the hotfix mentioned in the KB article and install it. Microsoft
does not charge for support calls to get supported hotfixes listed in
Knowledge Base articles.

2. Try this procedure using the Esentutl.exe utility mentioned in the KB
article to recover from security database corruption:
HP and Compaq Notebook PCs: Unable to Install Windows XP Fax Software

I can report that the Esentutl utility has corrected the problem in a number
of cases, HOWEVER, note that Microsoft does NOT recommend that you use the
utility and would prefer you try the hotfix.

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