Faxing through Server fax maching



I recently installed the windows fax console but am unable to set up a remote
fax machine. I have the server fax/copy/printer set up on my computer (I can
print to it all I want) and I'm connected through lan line. I don't have
anything plugged into the phone size jacks on my computer. When I open the
fax console however, it says that there is no fax printer installed. I think
my hang-up is when I get to the "Select Devise for Sending or Receiving
Faxes" page in the Fax Configuration Wizard. My only option for the fax
device is "PCI Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartPC". What is that and how do I
change it to my fax machine on the server?

Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

This is entirely normal behavior, Windows XP Fax can only work with an
analog Fax modem which, in your case, is the "PCI Soft Data Fax Modem with
SmartPC" the application finds. This device and a voice telephone line is
all XP Fax can use. You cannot use "my fax machine on the server".


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

So what analog fax modem and Microsoft Server Fax software are running on
this server? Windows XP Fax can function as a client only to Microsoft
Server Fax.

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