Receive Faxes as PDF



I'm trying to set up Faxing on a Windows XP Pro machine in our office. We
need to have all of the received faxes saved as PDF files.
I've intstalled PDFCreator and have it set up so that when it 'prints' a
file it automatically saves it to a specified location using the date/time as
a filename.
Windows Fax is correctly receiving and sending faxes and saves received
faxes to a specified location as well as printing to a physical printer
However, when I attempt to have the Fax Console print new faxes to the
PDFCreator 'printer' nothing happens. We still receive the new fax in the fax
inbox but no pdf is created and PDFCreator doesn't display a new job.

Is there something I'm missing or is there another way to set this up?

Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

Have you discussed this with PDFCreator? The problem appears to be with

1. XP Fax is functioning properly sending and receiving faxes.
2. XP Fax prints received faxes to a physical printer fine.

The problem pretty much has to be with how PDFCreator presents itself as a
printer to the operating system.


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