can't receive faxes



I am getting errors when receiving faxes - most of the time. We have a new
computer in the office. XP pro. I took the fax modem from the old office
computer and put it in the new one. The old computer was XP home. Dedicated
phone line with DSL. Fax is plugged into the phone line on the filter. Sends
faxes just fine. Sometimes receives faxes, most times not. Answers the
incoming call, and then goes to an error. I'd gladly buy and use different
software, but I need to keep the phone number, as it's on all of our printed
materials. Can someone tell me what to replace or repair?

Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

Is this modem listed in XP Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) at If it isn't, all bets are off, XP
Fax is quite picky about which modems it will work with. I'd try a
different DSL line filter to eliminate it as a source. XP Fax is often not
a good choice for an office (lacks the necessary robustness), here are
several other choices:

Snappy Fax
FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5



I'm sorry. The one part I didn't fully explain was that this fax/modem was
working fine with XP in the old office computer for the last couple of years.
It just seems like there's a setting that I don't have set right. If I can't
resolve it, I will use SnappyFax. I know of their product by reputation. The
problem is that we so rarely get faxes, (most everything that I get that's of
any importance is attached to an email), that it's almost not worth the


James Grimes

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