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Jun 6, 2015
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I need fax software for an office that is trying to become paperless and have tried win fax 10.01 and 10.03 in the past. It finally worked in one computer but the setup was lost due to new employees attempting to modify settings on it. Harddrive was getting full and needed to move to different computer. Currently have faxes coming through a Ricoh MFP Afficio 3245 faxes downloaded manually but would like to get rid of it and replace with fax software to manage all faxes and print only limited faxes and save rest into File folders that are backed up frequently. Cannot use efax or internet fax services as it does not lend itself to sorting faxes.
Faxes to come directly to computer with FAX modem
Sort faxes by address/ date received/fax phone number / Fax block
Print only essentials forms etc
Thanks for any suggestions
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