Can't view fax



I do not know why it can't view fax at inbox of Fax console. I use Windows XP
sp3. a week ago, it works well. when I click inbox of Fax console, it come up
"refreshing fax", and then, shown up "all fax printers are inaccessible". And
Incoming, inbox, outbox, sent box are blank, no fax items are shown since I
had many fax are sent, and many fax are incoming and save in inbox, and
sented fax are save in outbx, but now it all can't shown up, and it is
nothing shown on those folder.

Please help and teach me how to fix them. Thank you so much for your time
and attention. I am looking froward to hearng from you as soon as possible.




I am having the same problem. Has anyone responded to you or have you been
able to resolve?


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