Sony HD3, Move Maker HDV Import on Vista?



Hi there,
I've got vista and a Sony HD3. I'd like to record in HDV. But I'm having

I have a many year old machine that has a firewire input. It is running
vista ultimate. When I plug the camera in there it recognizes it and will
start the import process. But the CPU is old enough that it can't keep up
with the HDV signal and so there are lots of skips and jumps (I've never let
it finish the whole tape import).

I have a modern machine on which I'm running the bussiness edition of
Vista. When I plug the firewire connection in it correctly installs the
drivers (labeled as Sony HD3), but movie maker complains that it can't find a
suitable import device. If I tell the camera to push its video signal out as
DV instead of HDV, however, it works just fine.

I compared the drivers carefully on the two machines. They are identical.
However, on the non-working machine there is an extra driver file called
lvusbsta.sys. It is by Logitech. I can't figure out how to uninstall it:
there is no install or update listed as being owned by logitech. It came down
as an update from windows update (I have a logitech cam pluged into my

So, several questions:

-> Does HDV import fail because I have the bussiness edition instead of the
ultimate edition?
-> If not could this driver be interfearing with the process?
-> In general how do I uninstall this guy? I can't find anything in programs
and features!

Many thanks in advance!


Graham Hughes

The business versions don't have a built in dvd decoder, if I remember my
versions correctly, try looking it up. If they don't then you don't have an
mpeg2 codec to imort the hdv mpeg signal, would be my guess at this one.

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