Importing from Sony HVR-A1U



I have Movie Maker 2.1 installed. I just purchased a Sony HVR-A1U/A1N and
set it into stardard DV mode and made a small test tape.
the Sony supplied cable into the HDV/DV socket and the other end into a USB
port and powered up the camera putting it into playback mode.
Then I started Movie Maker and attempted "capture video" but was told that
MM could find no capture device.

The Sony literature is a bit sketchy but perhaps it is saying that the USB
cable is only for still pictures. It might be saying that an optional iLink
cable is necessary to import video. If this is the case, would Movie Maker
find the camera if I had an iLink cable?

Graham Hughes

I'm not sure if it will recognise it even if you are outputting sd, but the
only way to tell is to try. It won't work with USB i'm afraid.

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