Sony Digital Camcorder and failure to capture



I am trying to use Movie Maker to capture video from my Sony digital
camcorder (DCR-TRV11E). I have firewire card installed on my PC and am using
a firewire cable.

The camera is recognised by the PC and also by Movie Maker but when I try to
start video capture either Movie Maker hangs or it tells me that I have no
tape installed (which I do).

My PC runs on Windows XP (SP2) and I've searched the Sony website and cannot
find any answers there.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Hello Graham,

Thank you for replying.

First let me answer your questions: yes I can confirm that the camera is in
playback mode and it is connected to the mains. Also this is my first attempt
at this - so it is something that I'm new to.

I downloaded the WinDV program and sorry to say it too didn't work. The
message came up that it was 'capturing' but absolutely nothing happened and
when I eventually pressed 'cancel' WinDV simply hung as well.

I should also say that I had my firewall switched off throughout just in
case that was the cause of the error.

Do you have any more thoughts at all?



I followed the advice on your website and eventually plucked up the courage
to get into my PC and swap the PCI cards around. To my delight it has
resolved the problem. Movie Maker is now caturing from my camcorder no

Thank you for your help.

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