Trying to record VCR tapes via Sony Digital camera w. Movie Maker


Bob T

I am trying to use Movie Maker to capture some VCR tapes
via my Sony TRV-120 Digital Video Camera. [The camera has
a Signal convert function, which I have enabled.]

I've connected the camera DV-OUT via Sony i-Link
(firewire) to my PC, and it is recognized by Movie
Maker. I can see the VCR video image I want in the Movie
Maker preview pane.

However, when I press capture in movie maker, it
complains that there is no tape in the camera and won't
capture. If I insert a tape and press capture, then Movie
Maker sends a 'play' control to the camera, which start
the tape moving and the preview video switches to the one
on the tape.

How can I invoke Movie Maker video capture, without Movie
Maker sending controls to my Sony camera?


MM2 doesn't have that kind of pass-thru feature... see the Problem Solving >
Checklist page of my website. In the section about Limitations, there's a
link to a utility that Microsoft released to be able to do it..

Movie Maker 2:
PhotoStory 2:

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