Sony TRV350 and Vista = Headache!



This is driving me CRAZY!!! I have hunted down as much info as possible but nobody seems to have an answer:

- I had/have a Sony TRV350 and could hook up the firewire to my HP Vista (hate it) laptop. Windows would immediately recognize it. I would upload both Digital8 and Hi8 tapes to digitize and then convert to DVDs. Never a problem. Until...
- My current TRV350 started eating tapes and was having other problems likely an overused motor, age, etc.
- I found another (identical!) TRV350 on Ebay but when I plug it in I get nothing. When I launch WMM I get the same error message that it does not find any device.
- Oddly, my old camera (that won't play tapes) still shows up when I plug it in. I just can't use it because of the burned out motor.

even though these are identical camcorders, there is clearly something different. I also get the "DV In" message on the camcorder screen. WTF??!

Has anybody been able to get this fixed?

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