WMM doesn't recognize my Sony DCR-TRV350




I have been trying exhaustively to get my computers to recognize my Sony
Digital 8 camcorder, model # DCR-TRV350, using FireWire. I have tried using
my Windows XP desktop and a newer Dell laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate.
The desktop has a 6-pin FireWire port and the laptop has a 4-pin FireWire
port. Both machines do not recognize the camcorder. On the laptop, which is
nowmy primary machine, the error message reads, "Import Video couldnot find a
compatible digital video device. Verify ..." The desktop error message is
similar, although I think that it used to be called "Capture Video" then
instead of "Import Video". I have also tried using other Capture software
including Roxio Easy Creator 9.0 and that doesn't list my camcorder as a
capoture device either.

When the camcorder is in "VTR" or playback mode, and is connected to a
computer via FireWire, the screen of the camcorder reads "DV IN." Sony claims
that there is no setting to change to "DV OUT" and that this message on the
screen simply confirms connectivity of the damcorder to a FireWire port on
another device.

Initially, I thought that the DV port on the camcorder may be broken, since
I'm experiencing the same issue on two different machines, using two separate
cables (one 6-pin to 4-pin and the other is 4-pin to 4-pin). However, the
camcorder screen reads "DV IN" upon the FireWire cable connection to the
computer. If I unplug the cable from either end, the "DV IN" message
disappears. Is it possible the DV port on the camcorder is only
semi-functional? Basically only able to detect a connection, but unable to
pass through any data?

Now, I know the cables and FireWire ports on both PCs are working properly.
I know the DV port has some functionality. On this basis, I'm pretty certain
the problem lies with the camcorder, which Sony refuses to admit, but where?
I think there is a setting somewhere in the camcorder's menu to change to "DV
OUT". I really want this to work since I've read that USB streaming is
slower, and produces pixelation.

The only other problem could be drivers. There are no FireWire drivers. Nor
are there any USB drivers for Windows Vista on the Sony support page for my
product, because Sony claims that Windows OS'es come preloaded with their
drivers. There are drivers for XP, but they are USB drivers. I can connect
and capture via USB, only on the XP machine. Since the Vista laptop is may
main machine now, I really want to get the FireWire connection working.

I've NEVER been able to capture / import video (via FireWire) to date. I was
hoping this operation would FINALLY work for me on my new laptop, but I am
disappointed again!

PLEASE HELP. Any thoughts or advice would be very helpful. Any one resolve a
similar issue?


try the WinDV utility, used to copy files from the camcorder to the
computer, or vice versa... link on my website's Setup Movie Maker > Other
Software page.

put a blank tape in and see if you can copy a file from the computer to the
camcorder... using either Movie Maker or WinDV

and be sure you're camcorder setting is on standard play, not LP.


Thanks for your post, and for your contributions to this community. I tried
WinDV as suggested on another forum. That didn't work. I recently borrowed
another Digital8 camcorder from a family member and tried it on the same
computer with the same cable. The computer instantly recognized the device,
outside of any software program. The borrowed camcorder is a DCR-TRV530,
which is very close to identical to my 350. Unless there is a setting on the
350 to set to DV out, then it must be the DV port itself. Any ideas on this
possbility? The manual doesn't elaborate on DV editing at all, so that was
no help!


thanks.... from what you say, you're doing a good job at detective work, and
it does seem you're down to an issue with the camcorder


This is driving me CRAZY!!! I have hunted down as much info as possible but nobody seems to have an answer:

- I had/have a Sony TRV350 and could hook up the firewire to my HP Vista (hate it) laptop. Windows would immediately recognize it. I would upload both Digital8 and Hi8 tapes to digitize and then convert to DVDs. Never a problem. Until...
- My current TRV350 started eating tapes and was having other problems likely an overused motor, age, etc.
- I found another (identical!) TRV350 on Ebay but when I plug it in I get nothing. When I launch WMM I get the same error message that it does not find any device.
- Oddly, my old camera (that won't play tapes) still shows up when I plug it in. I just can't use it because of the burned out motor.

even though these are identical camcorders, there is clearly something different. I also get the "DV In" message on the camcorder screen. WTF??!

Has anybody been able to get this fixed?

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