movie maker not recognising camcorder



hi everyone
i'm working on windows xp, movie maker 2.1 and a canon hv20 and using a
firewire cable to transfer footage - the problem is this - WMM isn't
recognising my video capture device. then i downloaded hdv split and it let
me capture video but then it gave me another error message - video not
captured properly, check that video recorder and capture device are
configured properly.
now i'm back to WMM not recognising the camera.


I also have the same problem with movie maker not recognising my Panasonic
sdr-h18 camcorder. Microsoft states I should be using a firewire cable and
card. I am using a usb cable. I know the camcorder and usb cable work as I
can use another program to access. It would seem that WMM should be able to
detect whether USB or Firewire. IF I find out any more will post.


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