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I am a newbie and have a site with SSL, so my form is https. I can get
confirmation on the page when I submit in http, but when I submit in https I
get the message:

FrontPage Error
User: please report details to this site's webmaster
Webmaster: please see the server system log for more details.

My host said I need to republish the site, but when I try to do that the
only option that appears in the "Remote Website Location" box is a website
that is not affilliated with the site I am trying to republish, but is a
website I experimented with. When I change the name to the site I am trying
to publish, I get a message that reads:

"The local and remote webs cannot be the same location. Please enter a
unique name."

I tried uninstalling FP Server Extensions and reinstalling them a half hour
later, but that didn't help and the host again said I need to republish (but
not in ftp).

How do I republish the website and how do I create a unique name.

Please, please help!!

Thank you and a million kisses!!


"The local and remote webs cannot be the same location. Please enter a
unique name." indicates that you are trying to publish the site to
itself - in other words you are working on the live site, not a copy.
Republishing is probably not necessary, but re-installing the extensions
on the correct port is.

If the form is accessed by https URL then the extensions have to be
installed on port 443, usually extensions are installed on port 80, used
by http addresses.

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