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Mar 20, 2012
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I'm having an issue on one computer at our company that I've been working on for over a week and it's driving me nuts.
The background: The computer is running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit and our printer server is Windows Server 2008 SP2. There are a number of networked printers attached to this computer from the this print server.
The problem: Occasionally, a few times a day, when trying to print to a printer, all network printers will show as offline. Any software or locally installed printers are not affected by this. Also during the time that the printers show offline, I can still PING the printers by IP and even navigate to their web interface by putting the IP in a browser from the computer with the issue. Another point during this time is that no other machines in the company have an issue like this. You can find a pretty close representation of the problem here, and I have already tried the hotfix to no avail.
Tried solutions:

  • Had a tech from the printing company come out to check out printers and drivers
  • Removed and re-installed printers
  • Restarted print spooler
  • Changed cabling around
  • Tried the above listed hotfix
  • Verified user permissions to the printers
I'm am completely out of ideas at this point. Again, this is only affecting a single user on a single computer, and during the "outage" the computer shows now other signs of being offline. Everything on the network can be reached from the computer (with the exception of network printing) and the computer can be reached by other computers on the network. The computer has had Windows re-installed on it 3 times in the past year, so I will not be doing that. In the meantime we are using direct IP printing for the printer to circumvent the issue, but I would love to stumble upon an actual fix.

Thanks guys!


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Dec 31, 2004
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I don't have any ideas as you have covered most of the bases, tis a tricky one and one you may cure by accident by general configuration and settings...Sorry I couldn't be more help..;)

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