network cable is unplugged


Gil Theissen

Picked a used Intel P4 board with on-board LAN (Intel Pro/100 VE Net
Con). Problem is, every cold boot, I get "network cable is unplugged", a
problem which won't go away until I warm reboot. Warm boot always fixes the
problem and never - tried five in a row - causes it. Small home network
where all boxes (including this one( have static IP's. Cable and switch are
fine (tried another PC in this spot with no probs). XP had native drivers,
but updating LAN drivers to the most recent didn't help.
Hoping to fix the onboard (which works great after a warm boot) LAN
before I disable and try sticking another NIC in.

Thanks - Gil Theissen


Do not reboot but disable/enable Network Connection. Edit registry:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CCS\Services\Tcpip\Parameters, value DisableDHCPMediaSense,
value type: REG_DWORD, data 1. If set to 1, the DHCP client ignores Media
Sense events from the interface. By default, Media Sense events trigger the
DHCP client to take an action, such as attempting to obtain a lease (when a
connect event occurs), or invalidating the interface and routes (when a
disconnect event occurs).

Gil Theissen

Interesting solution but unfortunately, no joy. Same prob with cold boots.
For what it's worth:
1. light on the switch is on even though I get the unplugged cable
2. lights on the back of the NIC are on
3. plugging/unplugging cable and cleaning plug did not solve prob
4. switching from auto sense to 100 full duplex had no effect
5. And finally, I pulled a NIC from another box and prob went away.
However, I'd still like to use the onboard NIC if possible, so any other
thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks -
Gil Theissen

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